Company: Comedy Central

My Role: Co-Creator and Creative Director

Many of our sponsors were looking for original content into which they could integrate their brand or product. Because of talent restrictions, we usually had to come up with content that was not tied to existing shows. My team was often responsible for coming up with multiple ideas for original video series. We would then present the ideas to the Ad Sales team, who would in turn present them to the client.

One example of this was an original video series called Portable Lounge. We had up-and-coming comedians, like Jesse Klein, Bobby Moynihan and Kristen Schaal interview other comedians in unusual settings, such as butcher shops or bowling alleys. In addition to the general interview segments, Portable Lounge also featured recurring segments on the subject of social media such as "Tweet of the Moment," "Delete a Friend" and "Network Executive."

Another web-only original series we did was "Weekly Evil," for Lewis Black's Show "Root of All Evil." A group of comedians would riff on a funny topic, such as "Hell Gigs" or "Stoner Movies".