Site Refresh

The Atom Group, a small software development company based in New Hampshire, was looking for a quick design "refresh" for their site. Because of time constraints, they wanted maximum design impact, but with a minimal amount of work. In other words- small changes that would provide more bang for the buck!

My Role: Design

Client: UX Design Collective (agency) and The Atom Group

BUILD - original (1).jpg

The design of the old Atom site was a little plain, and not very compelling.

I was asked to "upgrade" the design, quickly and with just a minimal amount of changes. Here are the solutions I came up with:

- Increased the logo size to make the site feel bolder and more confident, and to create more contrast with the smaller tagline text.

- Replaced the background image with a graphic that added texture, depth and movement, yet didn't overwhelm the content.

- Added an accent color (red) into the text palette to create emphasis and focus where needed.

- Made the partner logos fit in better with the design by rendering them in lower contrast greyscale, and at more consistent sizes.

- Add icons to add visual interest, and expand the color palette.