I am an Illustrator!


I draw in a wide range of styles - from cartoon to realistic. 


A lot of my stylistic inspiration comes from the books I have read over the years to my daughters, as well as the books I read growing up. I especially love the older generation of children's book illustrators like Mary Blair, Alice and Martin Provensen, Richard Scarry and others. Other aspects of my drawings are inspired by trends in pop culture, old or new: Broccoli vs Kale, Girl Gangs of the 1950s, etc. My favorite subject matter of all is desserts. I love their colorfulness, their design; I love the way they are often lined up in a row like armies. Most of all, I love them because of the un-abashed cheer and celebration that they embody. My food illustrations have been published in Edible East Bay and Edible Shasta Butte.


I used to work more heavily in digital collage, using old textbooks and cookbooks. My collage work has been published in Raygun Magazine, Bikini Magazine, American Lawyer, the New York Daily News and other publications.

I grew up in Manhattan, went to college in Ohio, and then lived in Brooklyn for many years. A few years ago, my family and I picked up and moved to The Bay Area. We love it here, but I still consider myself a Brooklynite. 


I am also a musician. I have a band called The Inner Banks, with my husband and another band called Reed and Caroline. Last of all, I know a lot about classic rock. Quiz me.